Finding Your Healthy: A Series Of Food Diaries

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If there’s one message we believe isn’t shouted loud enough, it’s that ‘healthy’ isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Nor is how we define ‘wellness’, or the exercise regimes that work best for us, or how we find mindful moments and a positive mindset. Your health and wellness are entirely unique to you, and finding a sustainable approach that leaves you feeling good, both physically and mentally, is more beneficial than any diet program or meal plan.

Another thing we’ve learnt as we’ve met and befriended more and more people within the wellness industry, is that everyone’s idea of a healthy lifestyle is entirely different to the next. Whilst some advocate a plant-based diet and green juices, others believe bone broth, osso bucco and butter are fundamental. The most important element though? Each approach is correct. Nobody knows your body better than you, and learning what works and what doesn’t is a discovery you generally make alone.

So to highlight just how much ‘wellness’ and our interpretations of a healthy lifestyle vary from person to person, we’re sharing a series of food diaries throughout this month, from naturopath’s and gut health specialists, to GP's and office workers. We hope the differentiations, the different ideas of balance and the 'realness' of these inspire you in some way. Enjoy!

Series 1 (← CLICK HERE) 

- Yasmin, a compliance officer and food blogger
- Gina, co-founder of Wild Fizz Kombucha
- Lucia, a marketing manager for a London-based tech company  
- Anastasia, a trained naturopath + head of product development at Pollen + Grace

Series 2 (← CLICK HERE) 

- Devon, a public health nutritionist
- Emily, a waitress + food blogger
- Karen, co-founder of Happy Tummy Co.   
- Jon, a compliance officer for HSBC

Series 3  (← CLICK HERE)

- Kristina, co-founder of Pollen + Grace
- Gina, a senior HR business partner
- Sarah, a hair stylist

Series 4 (← CLICK HERE)

- Alana, founder of Fermented by LAB
- Steph, co-founder of Pollen + Grace
- Amy, co-founder of Happy Tummy Co. 

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