Recipe: Coconut Porridge with Plum Compote

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When we first started making a breakfast range, our coconut porridge came with a spiced plum compote and it really was the thing of dreams. Hazie (our founders mum/office manager/previous chef/general wonder woman) would spend hours removing the stone from hundreds of plums before stewing them, and we quickly learnt a ‘good plum’ from a bad plum; to get the rich, deep purple we loved so much, there was one specific plum we needed - the one gracing our photos below. Whilst we’ve now moved on to cherries (with a brief stint as strawberry chia jam), this plum compote still holds a special place in our hearts - walking into the office (it was an army reserve centre but lets say office) to the smell of stewed, cardamom-y plums on a blustery morning was so comforting, and those feels come back whenever we make it at home now.

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Makes 4
Time: 30 minutes to make, overnight to soak


- 4 plums, over ripe (to get this beautiful hue, use black plums)
- 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
- 2 cups pin head oats (such as these)
- 3 cups cashew milk
- 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
- 4 tbsp maple syrup
- Buckwheat groats (optional)


1. Cut each plum into 6 chunks, removing the stone. For the tastiest compote, you want them to be over ripe as it makes them sweeter.

2. Add the plums to a pan with the cardamom and 3 tbsp water. Cook over a high heat for about 5-10minutes, or until the plum has broken down.

3. Remove from the heat and leave to cool in the fridge (our lunch box containers will perfectly fit this amount of plum compote).

4. Mix all the other ingredients together (oats, cashew milk, coconut oil, maple) in a large bowl.


1. Add 2 heaped tbsp of compote to each breakfast pot

2. Top with the porridge mix until the pot is full and sprinkle with buckwheat groats.

3. Pop in the fridge overnight to let the oats soak, and enjoy in the morning!

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