Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Celeriac

celeriac image.png
seasonal text celeriac.png

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts” has never reigned true more than when there’s a celeriac on the work surface in front of you and your hopes for a really delicious dinner are quickly diminishing. But celeriac is an unsung hero of the vegetable world - ugly, slightly daunting but delicious when prepared properly. 

Knobbly and odd-shaped, celeriac is a variety of celery, and a root vegetable. It has a subtle celery-like flavour, but with nutty overtones (as an anti-celery team, we’re pro-celeriac though so don’t let that put you off). We like it best in chip form (like most root vegetables to be fair) but it’s just as good in mash and soup. Once prepared, it’s rough outer is removed (and about a quarter of it’s size along with it), leaving a smooth veg similar in appearance to swede - much less daunting! 



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