Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Grapefruit

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Through the colder months, citrus cravings are at an all time high in Pollen HQ. There’s a pile of lemons in the kitchen ready for the consecutive cups of hot water and lemon, and the minute someone peels into an orange or grapefruit, we’re all eager to do the same (citrus and croissants fit into the same category in this respect - the minute you smell it, you need it).

It’s just another of those moments when you realise that nature really does ‘provide’ when we need it. Dosing up on Vitamin C when sniffle season is rife is definitely not a bad thing, and one of the reasons citrus season sits unexpectedly in the middle of winter. The largest member of the citrus family, grapefruits, get their name from how they grow (in grape like bunches) and come with either white, pink or ruby flesh - the latter tending to be the sweetest. Their flavour is sweet but bitter, complimented by the addition of honey for a sweet option, or boding well against leafy greens in savoury dishes. 



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