Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Potatoes

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Potatoes - what used to be a staple in the British diet gained themselves a bit of a bad rep and were qucikly banished in favour of their healthier, brighter replica (though not relative); sweet potatoes. But maybe there's room for both of them at this party? Potatoes are an amazing, British-grown staple, meaning you can support local businesses, eat locally and reduce how far your food is travelling all whilst enjoying a seriously good meal. 

Health benefits? Despite what we're lead to believe, potatoes really aren't the bad guys! They're a great source of prebiotic fibre - a type of undigestible plant fibre that live inside the large intestine and act as food for probiotics. The more of them available in the gut, the more efficiently probiotics work. So basically, in order to get all the glorious health benefits of kimchi, kombucha, kefir etc., you need to be loading up on prebiotics too (potatoes included!). We knew there was a reason that potatoes and sauerkraut taste so good together.



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