Seasonal Ingredient of the Week: Tomatoes

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August is very much holiday season in Pollen HQ (and all of London for that matter) and the first question as each person returns is always "what was the best thing you ate?". The synonymous answer? The tomatoes. Summer isn't complete without the joy of fresh, full-of-flavour tomatoes - preferably from a small farmers market somewhere in Italy if we had to be picky. Tomatoes are one of the main fruits where quality is instantly recognisable - a good tomato can really make a meal and summer is absolutely the best time to stock up on the best of the best. 

Tomato varieties run into their thousands, from tiny cherry to huge beefsteak, with endless colour, shape and texture differentiations. For sauces and chutneys, opt for plum, and beefsteak; for fresh salads, we love yellow and green, and for roasting or pan fried we stand by beefsteak and yellow.



All recipes are free from gluten, wheat + dairy

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