Q. Where can I find nutritional information for your products? 

A. All nutritional information is listed on the packaging of each of our products. You can also find the same information under the product description for each individual product on our online shop.

Q. Where are you stocked? 

A. We are currently stocked in over 50 locations London wide. Find your nearest pollen + grace fix in the ‘find us’ section of our website. 

Q. Can any of your products be heated up? 

A. As we offer a food-to-go range, all of our products are nutritionally and lovingly created to be eaten just as they are. That said, if you do want to heat anything up then it is perfectly safe to do so - our banana bread is delicious warm!  

Q. Can I lose weight by eating your products? 

A. Here at Pollen we don’t do diets - we believe in long-term, sustainable and healthy eating. That said, all of our products are designed alongside our in-house naturopath, so a swap to pollen + grace would likely see a positive change to your overall health.  

Q. Where should I store your products once I have received them? 

A. We recommend that all of our products are kept refrigerated so that they stay as fresh for as long as possible. As we don't use any preservatives or chemicals, we recommend consuming them as soon as possible. Some of our dry items however, do not need to be kept in the fridge – our granola, for example. 


Q. Do you cater for food allergies? 

A. All of our products are free from gluten, wheat, dairy + refined sugars. We have meat, vegetarian and vegan options across the collection, as well as our catering options, ensuring their is always an option for everyone. 

Q. I am planning an event – could you do the catering for it? 

A. Yes absolutely – all of our salads, breakfasts and savoury pots can be made into platters or large serving portions, as well as canapé size should this be more suitable. Our chefs are always happy to do something different and we can be very flexible. Please do get in touch and let us know how we can help – you can enquire on the catering page of our website. 


Q. Do you deliver outside of London? 

A. All of our sweet treats and granola can be ordered nationwide in the UK for a £5 delivery charge on our shop. However as our fresh products (breakfast and lunch) require refrigeration, the delivery cost for chilled delivery outside of London is significantly higher  – for any queries about delivery of our fresh products and catering outside of London, please just let us know.

Q. Can I choose my delivery day? 

A. For London-based, catering delivery you can choose the specific day you require your delivery – when you order online you can select the day (Monday-Friday) as well as a time slot. For our nationwide sweets delivery, these are posted first class with the Royal Mail, so unfortunately a specific day cannot be requested, however we aim to have them with you 2-3days after your order has been placed.

Q. Can I choose my delivery time? 

A. For London-based, catering delivery you can choose exactly when you want it to arrive – when you order online you can select an hour delivery slot and can provide additional information about where to leave a delivery. As the products are fresh, we do recommend being in to receive these however. For our nationwide sweets delivery, these are posted first class with the Royal Mail, so unfortunately a specific delivery slot cannot be requested.   

Q. Do you deliver catering on the weekends? 

A. Here at Pollen HQ we believe that the weekend should be a time for relaxing, so for this reason we do not deliver at the weekends. That said, if you are ordering for an event or special occasion, then we're always happy to make an exception.

Q. Why is the catering delivery fee £15/£30? 

A. At Pollen, we always try to make everything as convenient and accessible as possible, however as we are delivering fresh food, we have to use a chilled or direct courier, meaning the cost indicated is necessary purely to cover the delivery costs. We never profit from this amount. 


Q. Do you offer any kind of kitchen experience? 

A. We're always happy to offer internhips and experience within the kitchen. If you're looking for experience within the wellness industry then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us at hello@pollenandgrace.com

Q. Are there any vacancies at pollen + grace at the moment? 

A. We are quite often on the lookout for ambitious, passionate people to join team Pollen. You can find a list of current jobs available and application links on our 'careers' page. 

Q. Are all of your ingredients Organic? 

A. We prefer to choose the most sustainable option - we'd rather get our veg from local producers than ship organic veg half way across the world. However our fish, seafood and eggs are all organic and sourced within the UK, and our super foods and dry products are always organic. We always ensure we go above and beyond to provide the highest quality ingredients within an accessible price point. 

Q. Can I have the recipe for your banana bread?

A. Unfortunately we don't give away any of the recipes for our products whilst they are being made for a retail purpose. That said, we do often share other pollen recipes, or past product recipes in our weekly newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of the page to receive these! 

Q. How often do you chance your product range?

A. We change our collection every 6 months in line with seasonality, and what our bodies are craving. Whilst we always keep our 'classics' (the acai + chia detox pot, the detox box and paleo banana bread), the rest of our range will be updated accordingly. 

Q. You stopped making my favourite product! What can I do about it?

A. We're all creatures of habit, right? If we discontinued your favourite, then that doesn't necessarily mean it's the last you'll see of it. Just pop us an email, and we'll keep it in mind for a reappearance in a future collection. We miss a lot of our past ranges already, so they'll definitely be making a comeback along the way!