Deliciously healthy food to go




Pollen: noun."The building block of nature and food - pollen helps to spread seeds and new seeds create new life."

Grace: verb."To have grace and to be graceful both in life and business - to be mindful, thoughtful and to treat others with grace.'




Contrary to what you might at first think, we weren't founded by someone called Pollen, nor Grace - we're instead the creation of         Stephanie Johnson & Kristina Komlosiova, referred to in HQ as Stefina. We're normal people, from a humble upbringing with a background in event management and hospitality. 


Pollen + Grace was born out of a passion for food, cooking and bringing happiness to others. Before the health scene in London really got going, we noticed a gap in the market for natural grab and go options, with an ingredients list you could feel good about and a taste you could get excited about. So we started how we could: making lunch boxes at home with the help of Hazie Allison (mum of Steph/now stand in mum of all 15 employees and all round Wonder Woman) and delivering them to the nearby offices. 


Since then it's been quite a whirlwind. We moved from lunch delivery to retail after local demand, and have since launched 3 retail collections, each with a better understanding of packaging, branding and how to make food work for retail. Our 'menu' has changed from a daily changing lunch option to a collection of 16 products spanning breakfast pots, snack pots, lunch boxes and healthy snack bars. 


We've moved from home kitchen to army reserve centre to community centre to (finally) our custom built arch in Vauxhall. We've grown our team from 2 to 15, meeting so many wonderful, inspiring and passionate women along the way. 


And now we're on this journey together: us, our team and our customers. We all believe in the power or healthy, natural food, we all believe that healthy food does and should always taste great and we all want to spread the word. So welcome to Pollen + Grace - you're as much a part of this journey as we are and we can't wait for you to join us on the rest of the ride (which, FYI, is world domination). 



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