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When we started Pollen + Grace in 2015, the only breakfast-to-go options available were either pastries or yoghurt pots, neither or which were suitable for a life with intolerances, nor filling enough to keep us going until lunch. 

Our breakfast pots are designed to give you an optimum start to the day, satisfy even the biggest of appetites (tried and tested) and taste good enough to double up as dessert. 



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We believe there's a serious lack of fresh, real food on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores, and our lunch boxes are designed to offer just that. Every element is chopped, cooked and packaged by real people in a real kitchen (no machines in sight) and we never use any preservatives or artificial ingredients. It's honest, delicious food just as you would make at home. 



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There's nothing better at the end of a long day than a home cooked meal, so that's exactly what we created. Our hot pots are cooked low and slow by our team of chefs so that all you need to do is heat it up and enjoy. They're full on healing, wholesome ingredients inspired by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 



SESAME + ACAI BERRY SUPER SQUARE  GF | DF | VE  A rich sesame seed and cashew square enriched with acai + acerola superfruits  INGREDIENTS  Cashew nuts, brown rice syrup, sesame seeds, maple syrup, desiccated coconut, organic acerola powder, tahini paste, beetroot powder, organic virgin coconut oil, organic pomegranate seeds, buckwheat sprouts, organic acai berry powder, pink Himalayan salt  NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION  Nutritional Values per 100g per pot  Energy (KJ) 2043 919 Energy (Kcal) 491 221 Fat (g) 33 15 Of which saturates (g) 13 5.7 Carbohydrate (g) 37 16 Of which sugars (g) 30 13 Fibre (g) 4.8 2.2 Protein (g) 9.6 4.3 Salt (g) 0.16 0.07
HAZELNUT PRALINE + REISHI SUPER SQUARE  GF | DF | VE  A raw cacao and hazelnut praline studded with cacao nibs and enriched with reishi superfood powder  INGREDIENTS  Hazelnuts, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, gluten-free oats, organic raw cacao powder, cacao nibs, organic virgin coconut oil, organic reishi powder, pink Himalayan salt  NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION  Nutritional Values per 100g per pot  Energy (KJ) 2041 918 Energy (Kcal) 490 220 Fat (g) 29 13 Of which saturates (g) 6.3 2.8 Carbohydrate (g) 42 19 Of which sugars (g) 24 11 Fibre (g) 9 4 Protein (g) 10 4.7 Salt (g) 0.18 0.08
COCONUT CARAMEL + MACA SUPER SQUARE  GF | DF | VE  A salted caramel fudge studded with crunchy buckwheat and enriched with maca + ashwagandha superfoods  INGREDIENTS  Dates cashew nuts, organic coconut sugar, buckwheat sprouts, organic cocoa butter, organic maca powder, organic lucuma powder, pink Himalayan salt, organic ashwagandha root powder, edible cornflower petals  NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION  Nutritional Values per 100g per pot  Energy (KJ) 1813 816 Energy (Kcal) 433 195 Fat (g) 20 8.8 Of which saturates (g) 5.9 2.7 Carbohydrate (g) 54 24 Of which sugars (g) 38 17 Fibre (g) 5 2.3 Protein (g) 7.6 3.4 Salt (g) 1 0.45
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Our latest addition to the family, Super Squares are the ultimate natural indulgence. 100% natural, vegan dessert bars with a soft, fudgy texture, strong, lasting flavours and a great dose of superfoods. They're the answer to all of our snacking desires and the ultimate in post-snack satisfaction.