Serious About Sustainability

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At Pollen + Grace we care about our planet, and hope you can help us make as little impact as possible. Whilst plastic gets a bad rep, it’s also one of the easier materials to recycle, and as we wait for innovation to catch up we’re embracing this with open arms:



Better yet, our boxes can be reused! They’re a strong, sturdy plastic and we’ve had full tupperware drawers for months now (they’ve survived many commutes, picnics and dices with the dishwasher). We even have a selection of recipes on the blog designed to fit perfectly in our pots and boxes - check those out here.


Our packaging can be recycled in over 80% of the UK! Most councils in the UK recycle our packaging through their ‘pots, tubs and trays mixed plastics’ recycling. To find out how to recycle our packaging in your area, visit your local council website.

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Or simply send your box to us and we’ll take care of recycling it for you! Here’s what you need to do:

4. Pop your packaging in the post.

5. All done on your side - we’ll then send your returned packaging back to our manufacturers, who have recycling facilities on site in the UK

6. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your lunch box will go on to life and full and prosper life as something else!

1. After your meal, rinse out your pot or box and put the label in your recycling bin.

2. We recommend collecting a few before sending them back - each size is perfectly stackable so it won’t take up too much room.

3. Download your returns label HERE.