warming kimchi + miso noodle pot

warming kimchi + miso noodle pot


Fermented kimchi + miso broth with shiitake mushrooms, lotus root + rice noodles

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Ingredients: Water, kimchi 11.5% (Chinese cabbage, carrots, water, spring onions, chilli powder, ginger, garlic, salt), carrots 10%, onions, rice noodles 5.7%, miso paste 5.7% (soya), shiitake mushrooms 5.7%, ginger, lotus root 4.3%, spring onions, garlic, rapeseed oil, star anise, red chilli peppers, cayenne pepper, Himalayan pink salt

Allergens: soya (miso), may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and sesame

Shelf life: 5 days
Storage: chilled
Weight: 350g


Heating Instructions: 
Microwave: Remove lid and rest lightly on top. Heat at 750W for 4 1/2 mins or at 850W for 3 1/2 mins. Stir halfay through and allow to stand for a minute after heating. Ensure the contents are piping hot before serving. Be careful of the hot outer pot. Guidelines only as appliances may vary. Hob: Empty contents into a saucepan. Warm on medium heat and stir occasssionally, until piping hot. Enjoy!