the probiotic box - chicken

the probiotic box - chicken


Grilled free range chicken with a crunchy kelp noodle slaw, fermented green papaya and mango chutney + a creamy miso dressing

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Ingredients: mint, Cashews, Himalayan salt, ginger, lime, apple cider vinegar, tamari, maple syrup, water, white miso, yellow peppers, red cabbage, coriander, kelp noodles, carrot, spinach, cashews, free range chicken breast, nigella seeds, chilli, micro coriander, fermented chutney (turnips, carrots, mooli, papaya (green), limes, fresh mango, paprika powder, ginger; garlic, tamarind, black pepper, cumin, mustard seed, nigella seed, coriander seed, cardamom, fenugreek, cloves

Allergens: nuts (cashews), soya, may contain traces of peanuts and sesame

Shelf life: 3 days

Storage: chilled